Cervical Facet Radiofrequency Neurotomy


Also referred to as radiofrequency rhizotomy, cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy is a procedure used to reduce or eliminate pain in damaged facet joints of the cervical spine. Through the use of radiofrequency energy, pain signals from the damaged nerve are disrupted, preventing the cervical branch nerve from transmitting pain signals to the brain. Cervical facet radiofrequency neurotomy can be used …

Cervical epidural steroid injections

Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections


Cervical epidural steroid injections are administered directly into the epidural area of the spine. This is a non-surgical method of treatment to reduce swelling and pain in the spine. The injection may also contain a mixture of lidocaine to assist with pain associated with inflammation, or a saline solution to flush inflammatory proteins out of the affected area. Cervical epidural …