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Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center's Philosophy

The first thing that you’ll notice when you enter Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center is the personal feel of the office. We are a neuroscience pain center, not a pain clinic. And, unlike those management providers with a factory-like atmosphere, Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center’s style of care is designed to give personalized attention to every patient. We do not churn people in-and-out like cattle.

As a neuroscience pain center, the only way to effectively treat patients with severe chronic pain is to invest the necessary amount of time to fully understand the patient’s physical and mental condition.

Chronic pain, by its very nature, is an extraordinarily complex disorder with biochemical, biomechanical, psychological, hormonal and even genetic components. As any patient with chronic pain will tell you, their life, and the lives of everyone around them, is affected.

By focusing exclusively on chronic pain, our neuroscience pain center has an intimate understanding of how chronic pain plays a role in the patients’ mood, anxiety level, sleep patterns, weight control, relationships and overall quality of life. Only with this “complete patient” approach can a patient with chronic pain become truly “healed”.

Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center takes a holistic approach in treating patients with chronic pain in Covington, LA, Mandeville, LA and across the northshore. This means developing a rational, intelligent, and evidence-based course of treatment for each of our patients.

The Healing Process

We serve a broad spectrum of patients within an atmosphere of compassion and respect. Our team understands that each patient is unique and experiences pain differently, that is why we strive to create an environment of hospitality and dignity to make sure your healing process is a success.

We pride ourselves on being here for you and helping you on your path to wellness. Our practice will provide you with the tools and guidance needed to reduce your pain as well as improve your overall health and well-being.