Understanding Cervical Radiculopathy

Understanding Cervical Radiculopathy
Cervical radiculopathy is a condition characterized by damage, irritation, or compression of nerves in the neck region. This can lead to a variety of symptoms including pain, numbness, weakness, tingling, or loss of sensory function. Often, these symptoms arise from a pinched or irritated nerve, typically caused by injuries affecting the musculoskeletal structures around the nerve. Conditions such as cervical disc herniation, arthritis, tumors, infections, spondylarthrosis, or nerve injuries can contribute to cervical radiculopathy.

Symptoms of Cervical Radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy manifests through various symptoms such as pain that radiates down the arm, accompanied by numbness or tingling sensations in the fingers or hands. Additionally, individuals may experience weakness in the muscles of the arm, shoulder, or hand, often coupled with a loss of reflexes. These symptoms arise due to the compression or irritation of nerves in the cervical spine, highlighting the need for timely diagnosis and specialized treatment from a pain management specialist.

Causes of Cervical Radiculopathy

The most common cause is cervical disc herniation, where a spinal disc in the neck bulges outward, putting pressure on nerves. Other causes include arthritis, spinal tumors, infections, or traumatic injuries such as those from accidents or repetitive strain.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis involves a variety of diagnostic tools to pinpoint the source of symptoms, including physical examination, imaging studies (like MRI or CT scans), and nerve conduction studies. Once diagnosed, treatment options can be tailored to the individual's needs. At Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center, we offer comprehensive diagnostic services and advanced treatment options, including cervical epidural steroid injections, which can effectively reduce inflammation and alleviate pain associated with cervical radiculopathy.

Why See a Pain Specialist?

It is crucial to seek the expertise of a pain specialist for cervical radiculopathy because they have specialized training and experience in diagnosing and treating conditions that cause chronic pain. Pain specialists can offer a multidisciplinary approach to pain management, combining medication management, interventional procedures, physical therapy, and rehabilitative techniques to help patients regain function and improve their quality of life.

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About Dr. Segura

Ronald C. Segura, MD

Ronald C. Segura, MD is is double board certified in PM&R and Interventional Spine & Pain Medicine.

Dr. Segura attended LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans and completed a four-year residency training program in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dr. Segura's philosophy utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to healing pain. His treatment plan focuses on reducing pain and improving functional ability, which enhances one's quality of life.

About Dr. Robertson

Dr. Richard C. Robertson, Jr., MD

Richard C. Robertson, Jr., MD

Richard C. Robertson, MD is is double board certified in anesthesiology and interventional pain management.

Dr. Robertson served as a board member of the Mississippi State Medical Association and was chosen to receive both the Virginia Stansel Tolbert Award and the Carl Gustav Evers Award for outstanding leadership. He chose to further specialize his training by completing an ACGME-accredited fellowship in interventional pain management at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC.

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