Treating Chronic Pain: What to Expect

treating chronic pain

When we are hurting, all we want is someone who understands treating chronic pain--and fast. We want the pain to go away so we can get back to our daily routine.

Although you may consider reaching for medication to get a quick fix, this usually doesn’t ensure a long-term resolution for chronic pain. A more thorough approach includes a clear diagnosis by experienced professionals and an individualized treatment plan.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss what to expect when visiting Segura Neuroscience and Pain Center and the process involved in treating chronic pain.

A multi-disciplinary approach

The physicians at Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center specialize in the treatment of chronic or acute pain. Pain treatment aims to relieve pain by addressing the fundamental cause. Because our doctors work one-on-one with their patients, they can develop a personalized, adjustable treatment plan that is ideal for each patient. Treatment may include a multi-disciplinary approach including medications, physical therapy, minimally invasive and noninvasive surgical techniques.

Treating chronic pain - What to expect

Sometimes patients go to a pain center looking for a quick answer.

Before treatment can begin, our physicians must first conduct thorough diagnostic evaluations which can include MRI’s, CT scans, and other tests in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Then, they meet with patients to discuss a comprehensive, long-term plan to treat the patient’s pain--not simply addressing the current symptoms.

When receiving treatment at Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center, the patient can expect the following:

  • an initial visit which will include ordering diagnostic testing
  • a consultation with the physician to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan
  • a visit or several visits for treatment
  • follow up and maintenance protocol

Can I be cured after one visit?

Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center offers treatments for chronic and acute pain. Each patient is unique and is treated individually based on his or her own specific diagnosis. Some patients may come in for one or two appointments after their initial visit, which includes ordering diagnostic tests and a physician consultation. They may receive a single treatment and experience immediate relief from their pain. Others, however, may require ongoing treatments for the same diagnosis. The length of treatment depends on the patient’s diagnosis, response to treatment, and compliance with the treatment plan.

What the doctor expects from patients

We work with our patients to find an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan that will be effective. Together, physician and patient make a plan that will ensure best results for the patient. The expectations on the physician's part are simple. We expect the patient to be compliant with their treatment plan and give honest feedback. Being compliant includes coming to all scheduled visits and being on time. It also means working within the treatment plan and following the physician's recommendations. In addition, we look to patients to be honest about their injury, their symptoms, their pain levels, and their compliance with the treatment plan.  

Start your path to relief today

If you are tired of being in pain, contact us today to get on the path to healing. At Segura Neuroscience & Pain Center, we offer comprehensive, effective treatment of both acute and chronic pain. While there are no quick fixes to pain, there are effective treatments, and we are here to work with you to ensure that you get back to your day to day living as soon as possible.

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